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My first Rubik Cube competition

Today I participated in my first ever Rubik Cube competition. It was held at the Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) in Seria. It's the second preliminary round organised by OGDC. First and second place will go through to the final which will be held in December this year.

Well.... I didn't manage to go through. My time wasn't that good today. I need more practice and 50 plus more algorithm to remember.

Contestant briefing

At 33 years old, I'm the oldest contestant ;) .... The others were all teens.

IABHM being interview

Each contestant given 3 rounds. My first round I solved in 56 seconds. Contestant weren't given any time to inspect the cube before start.

Second round I did 59 seconds. This was my worst round. I just can't find the cubies!!!!

Third round I did it in 46 seconds. Not good enough to go through.

I think the winner solve it in 32 seconds and second place solve it in 34 seconds. That's fast!

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