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Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 29th January to 4th February 2009.

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Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 15th to 21st January 2009.

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2009 Run No. 5

After the missus family meeting yesterday, I decided to go for run around the stadium area. Did one round the route below.

3.79KM in 23 min 26 sec

Just a couple of photos I took around the stadium area using my iPhone.

Did my first one hour run for year 2009 yesterday at the Balapan track. Initially I was planning to do 18 laps, after 18 laps I decided to just push myself to complete a one hour run. The last 5 laps was really a struggle, good thing it was a nice cool day yesterday afternoon.

No. of laps : 21
Time : 1 hour 1 minute 11 seconds

Nike+iPod chart

Took some photos of the place I ran yesterday using my new iPhone. Check it out below.

First day of school

It's Faiz and Aqiel first day back to school today.

Faiz supposed to enter KG2 and Aqiel KG1 but since the school change from Nursery->KG1->KG2 to KG1->KG2->KG3 system. Faiz is now in KG3 and Aqiel KG2.

Faiz in KG3 Yellow
Aqiel in KG2 Green

Syaza is in Primary 2 Purple and she also start her Ugama School this year in Pra Ta.

Aqiel and Faiz

It's actually Aqiel first day schooling at YSHHB school. He was at Wonder Kidz school during his nursery year.

Aqiel with new friends

Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 8th to 14th January 2009.

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New Year, New Phone

I just got myself a new phone today for my DST line. For my BMobile line I'm sticking with my Motorola KRZR K3.

My previous phone for my DST line is a Blackberry Bold 9000 which I bought few month back in Singapore.

The phone I've been using

My new phone is an Apple iPhone 3G 16GB which I got from QQestore. I got a Black 16GB iPhone 3G.

My new iPhone 3G

Hopefully I can now fully utilize my 2GB of free Data Access monthly.

JPMC or Fitness Zone

My Fitness Zone gym membership expired 28th November last year. I purposely didn't renew my membership as I wanted to take a one month break.

I want to renew my gym membership but I still can't decide whether to join JPMC or back with Fitness Zone.

JPMC is near to home, Fitness Zone is near to my office. My plan is to go to gym before work except for Saturday and Sunday.

Any suggestion?

Fitness Zone Membership Card

2009 Run No. 3

Went for a run this morning at Belapan Stadium. Did a slow run averaging 2 minutes 52 seconds per lap.

Completed 15 laps in 42 minutes 52 seconds.

Nike+iPod chart

2009 Run No. 2

Went to Belapan Stadium again today. Was planning to do a long run however decided to stop after 8 laps. It was starting to rain and I can hear few thunder.

I also borrowed the missus Nike+iPod sensor. I calibrated the sensor by walking 400m followed by a 400m run. Completed 8 laps in 21 minutes and 42 seconds.

Nike+iPod chart

Once again I wish all my blog reader a Happy New Year 2009.

I did my first run for the new year yesterday at the Belapan Track. Ran 11 laps in about 29 minutes. Didn't use my Nike+iPod... I think the sensor battery have run out. I guess I need to buy a new Nike+iPod Sports Kit.

Belapan stadium

Happy New Year 2009

Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 1st to 7th January 2009.

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