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I decided to move to wordpress and start all over again.

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I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attending the Motorola Wireless Broadband Channel Summit 2009.

Reach here Wednesday night. I'm staying at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, the same place where Motorola organizing the summit. Very nice hotel. Must be a 5 star hotel.

Checkout some photos of my room below.

More photos at here.

Run No. 31

Went for a run early this morning at the Balapan Track. Ran 13 laps in 34 minutes 11 seconds.

Run No. 31
Run No. 30

Ran around the stadium area.

Run No. 30

Run No. 29

Run No. 29
Run No. 28

Run No. 28

Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 2nd to 8th April 2009.

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Telephone : 2417977

Run No. 27

Went for a run this afternoon around the stadium area. Only did one round. I miss doing a longer run.

Run No. 26

Run No. 25

Run No. 24

BTW... I've ran more than 1000KM using my Nike + iPod. Got the certificate below from Nike.

The missus just came back from Bangkok yesterday where she was attending a Seminar on Usage of ICT to Promote ASEAN Spirit.

The Seminar is an ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information project.

Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 19th to 25th March 2009.

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Telephone : 2417977

Ibis Hotel Singapore

Just back from Singapore today. Flew there on Tuesday for a 2 days trip. Stayed at Ibis Hotel on Bencoleen Street. It's a new hotel, just opened last month.

The rates I paid was SGD 138++ per night (without breakfast). Room is not that big. However it's very clean, neat and everything is new.

There's free internet! Username is your room number and the password is your surname.

The bathroom is also small but not too small.

2009 Run No. 4 to 23

It's been quite a while I didn't update my running log in this blog. I still do my running but not as regularly as I wanted.

I'll try to do a regular running updates starting tomorrow.

We expecting our curtains to be fix on the 16th March. While waiting for the curtains, I guess I better buy some aircons. Actually I need 6!!!

Our master bedroom is still empty. We moved the bed in the master bedroom to the guest room.

Syaza room is ready, just need to install the curtain and aircon.

Faiz and Aqiel will be sharing the same room.

One of our neighbor house. View from our master bedroom.

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Empire cinema movie goers. Here's the movie schedules from 5th to 11th March 2009.

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Telephone : 2417977

Just bought a new fridge and washing machine yesterday for our new house. Next is the curtains.

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Our new crib

The missus just got a house from JPA. We haven't really moved in yet, still got lots of thing to buy. We like this house, it's big enough for me, missus, our 3 kids, maid and driver.

Located at Jalan Kebangsaan Lama, very near to Hua Ho Manggis Mall. More importantly it's close to our kids school.

Living room is quite big, I think I need to buy 2 extra sets of sofa and one big LCD TV :).

The missus now have her own kitchen. We need to buy some kitchenware and a big fridge.

We also have a proper dining area.

More to come..... it's time for shopping!

Happy Birthday to my son Muhammad Aqiel Syafie. Aqiel birthday was actually yesterday 27th February.