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2008 Run No. 51 & 52

Went for a run at Belapan Track today. Try out the "proper running techniques" I saw at YouTube the other day (see video below).

BTW... I also took the opportunity to see how accurate is my Nike+ Sportsband.

For my first run, I did 13 laps i.e. 5.2KM. Nike+ Sportsband show my run is 5.94KM. Too bad you can't calibrate Nike+ Sportsband on the spot unless you have a PC with you.

Run No. 51

For my second run (after few minutes rest), I did 2.5 laps (1KM). Nike+ Sportsband show 1.11KM.

Run No. 52

I just calibrated my Nike+ Sportsband. Hopefully for my future runs I'll get a more accurate results.

Checkout the video below for a better running tips!

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    Great tip on the video!


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