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Me & Rubik's Cube

I love solving the rubik's cube. I have been able to solve it since I was seven years old. Right now I'm still working on improving my speed.

My goal is to solve all side in less than 30 seconds. I can solve it in less than one minute and my best time so far is 34 seconds. Check out some of the rubik's cube I have below.


  1. Anonymous said...
    where did u get the white diy rubik cube from..?did u get it in singapore..?if so pls leave a msg at lonelyboii93.blogspot.com
    Anonymous said...
    Akum...kn btanya, dmna kita mmbali DIY cube ah??n bleh kita add emelku ani Qboy_162@hotmail.com sal aku mo btnya bnyak sal rubiks cube ane..

    - Rubik's fan -
    Anonymous said...
    get it at rubiks.com :D
    Reza Faizal said...
    hi anonymous.... i buy my rubiks cube from www.rubiks.com

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