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Nikon F60 SLR : For Sale

I bought this camera on the 6th September 2000. Hardly use it now due to digital photography.

Main feature
. Easy operation with exposure mode dial
. Advanced AF system with AF-assist illuminator
. General-Purpose Program [P] for fully automatic control
. 3D Matrix Metering (with D-/G-type Nikkor lens)
. Built-in Speedlight: guide number of 15/49 (ISO 100, m/ft.); 28mm lens coverage
. Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash capability
. 5-Vari-Programs
. 4-exposure modes ([P] / [S] / [A] / [M])

Selling for BND200.00 ONO.

Interested? Email me at rezafaizal@gmail.com

BTW.... camera bag included.

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  1. SoulJah said...
    Hahah bah sell it to me? $100 was it?

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