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Stiff neck run

My run wasn't as comfortable as his. I was struggling to complete my 60 minutes run. I guess few days no running does affect my running stamina. I'm also experiencing stiff neck since yesterday. Will go for massage later.

Checkout my run summary below :

Speed against time
8.5km/h for 0 - 1 minutes
9.0km/h for 1 - 5 minutes
9.1km/h for 5 - 39.48 minutes
4.0km/h for 39.48 - 41 minutes (walk... very tired)
9.0km/h for 41 - 47 minutes
9.8km/h for 47 - 50 minutes
9.0km/h for 50 - 57 minutes
9.8km/h for 57 - 59 minutes
9.0km/h for 59 - 60 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 9.02 KM

Time : 60 minutes

Inclination : 1.0

Calories burn : 719

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

Nike+iPod chart

BTW... I also manage to go to the gym yesterday. Only manage to do 4KM run in 26.20 minutes. No Nike+iPod chart as I only realised before my run that I left my iPod sensor at home.

Notes :
  • Gym close tomorrow (11 August 2007) for the Isra' Meraj public holiday.


  1. Running Freak said...
    I went to Pearl once about 2 weeks ago as suggested by u many months ago.... and I can say they are excellent.... I remember one guy by name Arsemo (not sure bout the spelling) and he is excellent... he managed to relief my back pain
    Reza Faizal said...
    I just came back from there.... had shoulder & neck massage.... it was painful but good pain.... now I'm feeling much better.
    Anonymous said...
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