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My Canon G7

I'm thinking of selling my Canon Powershot G7 complete with all the accessories.

The G7 is the second digital camera I've ever bought. My first digital camera is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7. Main reason I bought the G7 was I still want a "point and shoot" camera but with a "hot shoe".

Canon Powershot G7

I think the G7 have almost all the function of Canon DSLR cameras. Checkout all the buttons and dials it has below. Off course, the easiest way to use it is to set it to auto-mode but then what's the fun in that.

I have the Canon Lens Wide-Converter (0.75x) WC-DC58B which takes wide angle shot down to around 26mm equivalent.

G7 with WC-DC58B
I also have the Canon Lens Tele-Converter (2.0x) TC-DC58C which will extend the 210mm optical zoom to 420mm.

G7 with TC-DC58C

The camera is less than one year old (there's around 6 months warranty period left).

With the Canon flash and the wide angle lens attach to the G7, doesn't it look like a DSLR camera!

G7 with WC-DC58B and Speedlite 430EX

Ok.... here's the deal. As of today, the price at QQestore is BND 775/= for the camera, BND 328/= for the Wide-Converter and BND 298/- for the Tele-Converter. I'm giving 30% discount on the camera and 20% discount on the Wide & Tele-Converter.

Option 1 :
G7 + Wide-Converter + Tele-Converter
542.50 + 262.40 + 238.40 = 1043.30
I'll let it go for
BND 1,000/=

Option 2 :
G7 only for
BND 542.50/=
Wide & Tele-Converter only for BND 500/=

FYI... I took the photos in my previous post with my G7, the first 2 photos I took it using the Tele-Converter lens, the 3rd photo I took it with the Wide-Converter lens.

If you interested, email me at rezafaizal@gmail.com

Checkout the video review below.

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