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11th NBT Treasure Hunt

Below are some photos taken from the 11th NBT Treasure Hunts held on 8th July 2007.

This year I think our team did quite well. Hopefully next year we in the top 40.

The car below was the first car to reach ICC for the flag off. Apparently he arrived at ICC at 8:30pm the previous day!

First car to flag off

Last year our car was the 8th car in the queue. This year I came earlier and got the 5th position.

Car 180 5th to flag off

At 6:10am, all the treasure hunters were given a briefing.

Treasure hunters

More hunters
The hunt last for 6 hours. After the lunch which was also provided by NBT and while waiting for the results, NBT organise lot of games for the hunters to get a chance to win some prizes. All you need to do is to volunteer yourself to participate.

3rd from right. It's him!

The ladies who manage to bring guys belt on stage!

The top 3 prizes was a holiday packages to Sydney, Dubai and Bangkok. Congratulations to the team who won this year.

Top 5 prizes

I think this guy was the official photographer for the event.

Sharrife Jocklin

And this guy a cool hunter!.
One cool hunter :)

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  1. Jewelle said...
    I just posted my version of the NBT spelling game when I came across yours :-)
    Reza Faizal said...
    I uploaded it yesterday in my youtube thinking of posting it today in my blog.

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