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No run

Me and the missus sent our maid to the ferry terminal this morning. She's going back home for good. Stopover Jing Chew for breakfast. Met up with Reeda and his missus, Ranoadidas, Bruneian, Jim, Zadm, Airbiscuit, Dr. Zul, SoulJah and one more guy who I did not catch his name.

Didn't bring my camera so took some photos using my Sony Ericsson K800i.

More photos here. Checkout the last photo!


  1. ucingitam said...
    wah lots of lens on the table...inda lagi lama minum teh tarik pakai lens jua ni krg hahaha... i missed the fun, got some work to do
    airbiscuit said...
    Hehe! Yg mahal lens ku tu! Kan semua urg mencuba :P~~~~~
    jIM said...
    hahaha!u were the one who was pushing everyone to try it! mcm drug dealer ada jua. lol...!
    feezah said...
    adeh.. semua wah memigang cams n lenses.. bloggers tah banar.. ish... ish.. ish... :)

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