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Polar S625X

He requested me to post regarding this. So here it is.

If you looking for a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) for outdoor and exercise activities then I fully recommend the Polar HRM monitors. It's basically a watch with a heart strap sensor. However Polar also have models for running, cycling or both.

The watch that I have is Polar S625X. This watch can be use to capture both running and cycling data. The sensor for the bicycle is optional (have to purchase separately). What's included in the box is the watch, heart strap, Polar S1 foot pod and the software for Windows. The foot pod is attached to the running shoe. It has one button activation and is water resistant up to 2 meters.

Polar S625X

The Polar watch and the foot pod basically work like the
Nike+iPod but with much much more features (e.g. measuring altitude, temperature, etc). Just look at my Jerudong Park Run graphs I posted last year. From my observation, the Polar watch and foot pod sensor measurement is much more accurate compare to the Nike+iPod. I notice that the Nike+iPod sensor is very slow to detect if I suddenly slow down my running pace.

You can see the running and cycling data from the watch. If you want to display it as graph then you need to transfer it to your computer using infrared. So make sure your computer have infrared port otherwise you need to buy the USB infrared adaptor.

Where to buy?

The only place I've seen selling Polar watch in Brunei is at Fitness Zone, The Mall. Mine is more than one year already. It costs B$580 during that time. Actually I got mine as one of my birthday present from the missus. The optional bicycling sensor is around B$90 each. I bought two sensors (speed and cadence sensor). The speed sensor attach to the front wheel to measure the cycling speed and distance. The cadence sensor attach to the crank to measure the crank turn speed, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).

Watch handlebar holder | Speed sensor
Cadence sensor

" - from PolarUSA.com website ------

A heart rate monitor is a tool that will help pace you. If you exercise too hard, you will most likely quit before you get the real benefit. We have all seen the person who gets on the treadmill, cranks it up to 8% grade and 8 mph, runs full out for 2 minutes, and gets off. ALL THEY DID WAS WASTE TWO MINUTES OF THEIR TIME!

On the other hand, there are people who exercise very leisurely and wonder why they can't lose any weight. If you workout too slowly, you won't get the exercise benefit either.

That's where the HRM comes in. It paces you during your workout. It's like having a personal trainer that tells you to slow down or speed up. Read more

------------------------ "

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  1. Adidarwish said...
    Thanks for the post.... I am thinking of getting one as an alternative....
    Reza Faizal said...
    wow... you so fast... I just posted this and now I got a comment... :)

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