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Peugeot 207cc

A colleague of mine ask me this afternoon whether I've seen the Peugeot 207cc car. I told him "yes, I actually saw it in a car magazine around 3 weeks back". So why he ask me this question. It's because I actually own a used Peugeot 206 cc which I bought earlier this year.

Both of us agree the 207cc looks more sportier than the 206cc. I have to admit the 206cc does look like a girlie car. However, I still love it. It's really fun to drive!

One of the new interesting feature of the 207cc is the folding roof. It has improved, there is no more manual release handles, the operation is fully automatic.

White Peugeot 207cc
Picture taken from here and here.

Now I'm wondering when Simpur will choose the top 10 finalists for the "Show us what you drive!" competition. I'm hoping my car will be shortlisted. Anyway, the two mini cooper entries does look very nice. I should have taken photo of my car with a nice background.

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