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Camera accessories wishlist

From these

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to these

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Got this Canon G7 last month and felt it's time to get some accessories in the following order. Here are the accessories I like to get.
  1. Wide-converter (0.75x) WC-DC58B
  2. Tele-converter (2.0x) TC-DC58C
  3. Extra 1GB SD or SDHC memory card
  4. Rechargeable Li-ION battery pack NB-2LH
Anyone know where I can get item 1 and 2 above just let me know. I didn't see it at QQestore or Leong camera.

So how about the external flash?

Not so much a priority now since my father-in-law have a Canon Speedlite 430EX that I can borrow. However if I can get a good deal from someone, I'll probably buy it :)


  1. jIM said...
    I managed to track down the first two items from ebay. Different but both reputable traders. I suppose you can also try adorama.com (USA). I know some photogs that have ordered from both sites and have had no problems.

    But of course, you should always adhere to the mantra of "Buyer Beware". Good luck in tracking down the items dude!
    Reza Faizal said...
    thank you Jim

    I was hoping if I can get locally here or from QQestore.
    Martina said...
    I like the product so much its a good one.

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