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No Melilas

Yesterday, me and my colleague was suppose to do a site survey at Melilas. We started out our journey from office (Kiulap) around 7:40am. I've already made an appointment to meet up with a couple of Telbru staffs nearby Sungai Liang Mosque by 8:30am.

From Sungai Liang we drove to Sungai Mau which is around 10 to 15 minutes drive at Jalan Labi. At Sungai Mau a small boat waited us to bring us to Melilas. Since now is a rainy season, I was told that it should only take us around 3 hours to reach our destination by boat. If it were dry season it can take more than 4 hours to reach there.

See the map below to see where is Melilas.

Melilas - Google map

Boat from Sg. Mau
Almost one hour into our boat ride suddenly our boat engine broke down. The boat driver told us that we have no choice but to row back to Sungai Mau. 5 minutes then we saw a boat approaching us... it's the Melilas Imam going back to Melilas. We stop him... our boat driver ask him if he can pull us back to Sungai Mau which he willingly accepted.

It took almost 2 hours for us to go back as we can't really go that fast! We were actually lucky.... for one hour I didn't see any other boat pass by us.

Going back to Sungai Mau

We decided to go back home and will arrange another trip early next week. Reach home... took a nap... then decided to go for a run at Jerudong Park area.

Nike+iPod Chart

Also manage to do another Jerudong Park run today. Will post it up tomorrow.


  1. KantaLensa said...
    I was teaching in the old Melilas Primary School from Jan 1984 to Dec 1985 and it was located about 3 kilometres upstream at that time. The one near the longhouse is a new one built a few years after I left my teaching job. It was quite an experience travelling by boat week in week out both during high water level and during kemarau where most time was pushing the boat instead of sitting in it. I would love to visit Melilas again given the chance.
    Reza Faizal said...
    Thanks for the info. It was a good trip and nice experience going to Melilas and Sukang.

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