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Kampung Melilas

Finally, I manage to go to Kampung Melilas. This is my first time there. Took us around 2 hours 40 minutes to reach there by boat from Sungai Mau. Took some photos and videos there. Also signed the visitors book in the Longhouse.

Kampung Melilas

Sekolah Rendah Melilas
Sekolah Rendah Melilas
Balai Ibadat Kg. Melilas
Rumah Panjang Melilas

Inside the Long House

Interesting photos in the Long House

Long House visitors book
Video clip from Kg. Melilas

Overall.... very nice trip, good experience, tiring (especially total around 5 hours sitting down in the small boat) and at least I can say that I've been to Melilas.

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  1. sarah said...
    I went to Melilas with a school group mid '08. We did some work, building, painted the blue on the railing at the school and some other stuff. Really good to see your photos and recognise the people in the video from my visit.

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