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Speed week

The missus and Syaza went for a day trip to Miri today. Send them to their cousin house before 6am. Went back home but can't sleep, text him whether there's a Jing Chew session this morning. Had breakfast with AnakBrunei and his missus, Ber, Nikonian and SoulJah at Jing Chew.

After breakfast decided to stop by Jerudong Park to take some photos and videos of the motorbike and go kart race. Met up with Aku, Airbiscuit, Jim and RJ63. He was also there!

Guess who?

I wonder what he shooting at?

Motorbike racers got to wait for their turn for the time trial. Each rider given 3 laps for the time trials. First lap is just a warm up lap. Fastest time from lap 2 or 3 taken to determine their pole position.

After the motorbike time trial it was the go-karters turn. I was expecting to see the race but decided to go back home as I was feeling tired and sleepy. Not sure what time they started the race today!

Here's a video for the motorbike time trial.

BTW... thanks Ber for lending me the flash! Let me test it out for a week. Oh... thanks for the breakfast also.

Note to myself :
  • Haven't been to the gym for 2 weeks already. I got to start going to the gym again for my regular exercise.

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  1. SoulJah said...
    Cool video!

    Haha, in action banar tu si Ripin ah!

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