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9KM run

After lunch today I felt really sleepy. Reach home nearly 2pm, slept for 1½ hour. Awaken by my mobile phone ring, it was a Police Officer ("Gerak Khas") wanting me to arrange a presentation to them regarding something they found interesting during the Bridex exhibition.

Decided to go to gym for my usual run. BTW... my group membership have expired. I'm planning to renew it Tuesday (5th June) morning. I've already got 10 people confirmed joining my group. If you interested just email me at rezafaizal@gmail.com. It's BND100.00 for 3 months membership.

Checkout my run summary below. I'm running on his favourite threadmill.

Speed against time
8.5km/h for 0 - 15 minutes
8.7km/h for 15 - 20 minutes
9.0km/h for 20 - 50 minutes
9.5km/h for 50 - 53 minutes
* walk at 5.0km/h for 2 minutes, left thigh muscles and knees felt slight pain
9.0km/h for 53 - 62 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym

Distance : 9.0 KM

Time : 62 minutes

Inclination : 1.0

Calories burn : 878

Nike+iPod chart
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