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New toys for old car

Last night I bought new toys for my old car. First item, a new Car Entertainment Head Unit (Kenwood KDC-MP3036AX). Second item, a new car security alarm (Viper 350HV). Both my old Sony CD player/radio and Crimestopper car alarm didn't work anymore and since it's more than 9 years old, I guess I just replace it.

New toys

I love the front AUX input. Now I can just connect my iPod using cable to the player. Don't need the FM transmitter.

As for the new security alarm, it have a cool blue LED status indicator. I told the guy installing it to put it somewhere where it look nice.

Viper LED indicator and reset button

Guy installing my car alarm


  1. Dante Mallet said...
    Your car will feel like it's brand new whenever you install some new state-of-the-art systems in it. That's one cool player you bought right there.
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