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It's my 33rd birthday today and I'm feeling excited about it. Somehow I like the number "33".

I already make plans for my birthday lunch and dinner today. Hope to post some photos of it later today. Anyway, anyone want to treat me for coffee today are most welcome to contact me ;-)

I also like to wish Happy Birthday to those who celebrate their birthday today. Especially to :
  1. My first cousins
    • Sumanty (1974) and
    • Sally (1976)
  2. My friend Pg Azam of DST (1973 - I think)
  3. My friend (Dani of Telbru) wife (1975 - exactly same age as mine)
  4. The Project Director in the company I work. Mr D.Kar (19xx - not sure).
Enjoy your day everyone!

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  1. U n t i t l e d said...
    Happy birthday Reza! Wish u all the best, may god bless u with good health and wealth, Amin! Enjoy ur day today...as being 33 is still cool! XD
    Murabiyyah said...
    Happy Birthday! God bless! :D
    Reza Faizal said...
    Thank you u n t i t l e d & murabiyyah! :)

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