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This is for my personal bookmark. However, you all can use the tips below.

As you can see on the sidebar of this blog, I'm able to list down the most recent Posts and Comments along with it's relevant details. The great thing about this is, there's no script to install or javascript involved. It can be easily done just by using Blogger widget feature.
  1. First before you start, you'll need to find out your Blogger's Posts feed and Comments feed.
    where * represents your blog.
  2. Next, log in to your blogger account.
  3. On the dashboard under your blog title, click "Layout"
  4. Once your blog layout appears, click "Add a page element" on your sidebar.
  5. Choose "Feed" and add to blog.
  6. Insert your Posts or Comments feed into "Feed URL".
  7. Customise your settings:
    e.g. Title: Recent Posts/Comments
I got this tips from here.


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