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Ho Chi Minh City

Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Landed here around 8:45pm local time, that's 9:45pm Brunei time. This is my first trip to Vietnam. Will be here till Sunday. Hope to take more pictures of Ho Chi Minh City this whole week and post it here.

From the airport to Sheraton Saigon Hotel is around 20 minutes drive. There's lots of motorcycles and scooters on the road. None of the rider or passenger wear helmets.

Here's some photos I took at the hotel. Big and very nice hotel.

Sheraton Saigon Hotel
Lobby area
My room


More information on the hotel here. I also manage to capture this video before boarding the plane.

Additional info :
  1. Flight time from Brunei is approximately 1 hour 35 minutes.
  2. Vietnam is one hour behind Brunei time.
  3. Power plug is the same as in Brunei.
  4. Vietnam currency is Vietnamese Dong (VND). If you travelling here, bring US Dollar (USD) or Singapore Dollar (SGD) . 1 USD around 15,000 to 16,000 VND. 1 SGD around 10,000 VND.
  5. Mobile phone roaming not an issue for DST customers. However, there's "No Service" for B.Mobile. Either Vietname haven't implement 3G network or B.Mobile doesn't have any roaming agreement with the mobile operators here.
P/S :
To RF missus.... love you dear...


  1. Bruneian said...
    take lots and lots of pics... :)
    RF Missus said...
    Hi hubby
    Just to let you know that TelBru technician (a friend of a cousin) came over and restores the wireless network.
    It seems that the router needs firmware upgrade and DNS configuration.

    From the picture that you've taken, Sheraton Saigon Hotel is not bad after all. Hmm, I should have come along with you. HaHaHa...

    We miss you. Syaza and bro sends their regards. BTW, how’s the shopping mall over there? ;)
    Reza Faizal said...
    Hi RF Missus... so the espeed2 ok sudah?

    The hotel 5 star quite big. Should join ;) but this place not really shopping heaven (mostly souvenir shops). Couple of shopping mall only, one local and the other one "Parkson" (the Malaysia Parkson).

    Maybe next year better, I see LV and Gucci is going to open up here.
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