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Last night, I was invited by the Malaysian participants for a dinner at one of the "halal" restaurant here. The restaurant name is Restoran Empat Musim (Four Seasons Restaurant). It's around 200 metres walking distances from the hotel where I'm staying.
Four Seasons Restaurant
The restaurant serves Malay foods. The waiters and waitresses can speak malay. I was pleasantly suprise to see "Roti Kosong/Telur" and "Teh Tarik" also in the menu. The price for the foods and drinks is similar or cheaper to what we pay in Brunei. The foods is excellent, I especially like the Fried Chicken and Beef menu we order.
Fried chicken
Beef with mixed vegetables
Fish (don't remember what's the menu name)
Brinjal with Sambal Malaysia
I ordered Watermelon Juice and tryout Vietnam Coffee after the meal.
Vietnam Coffee
I really enjoy the foods and thanks again for treating me for the dinner.

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  1. huaida said...
    the husband & I have been looking at going to Ho Chi Minh for awhile now but there are always things that stop us from going there- once it was the local airline decided to jack up the price by few hundreds and where to get halal food?

    thanks for sharing this! we shall keep this in mind just in case we decide to go there :)
    Bruneian said...

    bah aku jadi tukang angkat beg.. heheh
    Reza Faizal said...
    huaida... glad this info is useful for you. The other halal-restaurant is call "Bombay Indian-Restaurant". It's just opposite the Sheraton Saigon Hotel. The other hotel close by is "Saigon Hotel".
    Anonymous said...
    juz back 4rm Ho Chi Minh, siuk brabis lh...4season restoran nyaman lh tp lg nyaman d kdai mkn shamsuddin. dist3. taj mahal pn best curry ikannya
    Anonymous said...
    If you were to visit HCMC again or looking for halal food in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh etc, visit http://asrichascroesus.blogspot.com/ you might find some useful info
    Al said...

    famous malay dishes

    Nguyen Mon said...
    the halal restaurant in saigon - opening by the ex-owner of Halal @ Saigon - named Banana Leaf @ Saigon.
    Anonymous said...
    Kampung Pandan is the only certified restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city that serves the Fresh Roti Canai. Kampung Pandan locates at 53 Thu Khoa Huan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city (near the North Gate of Ben Thanh Market)

    Their main chef is Malaysian. More info: www.kampungpandan.com

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