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Win a 1GB Pendrive

As promise, I got another contest. I've been thinking these few days how should I do this contest. Here it goes.

I got this 1GB Pendrive for almost 2 months now. It was given to me. It's still in the box. I figure since I don't use it, I might as well give it away through a contest.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is to link to my blog main page from your blog main page.
I did a search through Technorati and here is the list of sites I checked which got a link to my blog. Thanks for linking me, all of them will received an extra entry into the lucky draw.

The contest deadline is this coming Sunday 29th April 2007 before 2pm. On that day, I will get the missus to draw a name from all entries and the winner will be announce on the same day.

1GB Pendrive
Package contents
  • 1 x Avixe Platinum Drive (with Dell logo)
  • 2 x Spare caps
  • 1 x Neck strap
If you do decide to join this contest. Just provide me a link and inform me thru my email, tag or comment in this post. Good luck!

ps : I you link me before this blog post and your name is not listed here. Do email me.


  1. Murabiyyah said...
    oooh, I could use a new pen drive.. MrsRF, pick my name please! hehe kidding ;)
    metallichick said...
    no need contest. just give it to me. lol!
    Reza Faizal said...
    wish you luck ladies.... :)

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