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Happy to be back...

I'm happy to be back home with the family. I've taken a day off from work today.

Overall, the trip was good. Learnt new things and history of Vietnam from the city tour. There's a couple of halal restaurants around the hotel I stayed. If you plan to come to Vietnam, just bring US Dollar you don't actually need to change it to Vietnamese Dong. Everyone accepts US Dollar there. Can't exchange from Brunei Dollar, only found one money changer that accepts Brunei Dollar but the exchange rate was very low.

Here's the last shot we took before we go to airport.

Last photo taken in Vietnam


  1. Bruneian said...
    welkam bak
    tripwire said...
    dude.. got any freebies from vietnam? ;)
    Reza Faizal said...
    tripwire... freebies got... just join my contest :)

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