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Dopod 838 Pro : For Sale

Dopod 838 Pro
I'm selling my Dopod 838 Pro. Anyone interested email me at rezafaizal@gmail.com. Click here to read my previous post on this phone.

I also check
QQeStore website, they selling for BND1,358.00. I'm selling mine for BND1,100.00 with 1GB micro SD card included.

Getting Started CD, Application CD, Ear piece, Extra stylus and USB cable
Also I haven't open up the accessories included in the box except for the charger and the leather case. Bought it on the 16th December 2006, there another 10½ month left warranty (got receipt).

Why I'm selling?

It's a little bit too bulky for me as I also carry another phone. This phone I use it for my B.Mobile number. I'm planning to get a smaller 3G phone most likely one of the Sony Ericsson phone.


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