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JPMC Treadmills

Went to the gym today but decided not to run. I've also decided to reduce my weekly run for the first 6 months to 2 or 3 times a week. I’m going to do some weight lifting instead.

I look at the treadmills in the gym and I thought why not I share some info regarding the treadmills that I have been using. There are 8 treadmills available and 3 are much bigger than the rest. The brand is LifeFitness and I think it’s the LifeFitness 97Ti model.

Here’s what I think of the 3 bigger treadmills compare to the others:

  1. Bigger running surface.
  2. Real time display on the elapsed time, speed, distance, inclination, calories, heart rate, distance climbed, and watts. At the end of your run it shows your workout summary.
  3. It got storage space to hold sports bottles plus other stuff (mobile phones, keys and iPod).
  4. Various training workouts: Fat burn, Cardio, Hill, Manual, etc.
  5. Last but not least I especially like the shock absorption system. With the other treadmills it feels like running on hard road surface whereas with this treadmill it feels like running on grass surface.
The only thing I don't like is that I can only set maximum 60 minutes run + 5 minutes cool down. That means you got to restart the program if you want to run more than 60 minutes.

How to use this treadmill?

The easiest way to start using this treadmill is to press the “Quick Start” button and just press the increase “Speed” button to the desire speed.

To stop just press “Cool Down” button where the treadmill will automatically reduce the speed every minute for 5 minutes until it goes to a complete stop. If you want to stop immediately just press the “Stop” button.

Unfortunately the steps above does not record information such as calories burn during the workout.

I usually do the following steps everytime I use the machine:

  1. Press the program you want. I normally go for “Manual”
  2. Key in your weight (in kg) and press enter
  3. Key in the time you want to run/walk (max 60 minutes) and press enter
  4. Key in the inclination and press enter. For normal run the suggested inclination is “1.0”. I read somewhere in Runner’s World magazine, “0“ inclination means you actually running downhill.
  5. Key in the speed and press enter. I suggest you start slow around 5.0km/h and gradually increase your speed to you comfortable pace. The treadmill belt will start moving
Follow this steps if you want to see how much calories you burn.

Note :
If you feel like wanting to stop at any particular time, you can always reduce your speed or press the “Cool Down” or “Stop” button to end your run. I would recommend to use the "Cool Down" button instead of "Stop".

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