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Over 1000 visits

My blog counter is showing over 1000 visitors today.

For this, I would like to thanks all readers and visitors to this blog, in a way keeping me motivated to update my blog everyday. A special thanks to all my referrals, AnakBrunei, Adidarwish, Aunidayini, Bandar360, Bruneian, Danura, KantaLensa, Ucingitam, Mr. BR, SirT and ZadM

I started blogging 15th December 2006 after a breakfast at "Jing Chew" with AnakBrunei and Bruneian. I've been visiting their blog for about a month before I actually started mine.

During the creation of these blog, I was thinking "What to do?" with my blog. Hence, the name stuck with my blog title.

Finally decided to blog on 4 categories :

1. Selling stuffs
Occassionally I will sell some of my things from this blog. So please keep visiting this site, some of the items on sale here might interest you.

2. Reviews
I'll do some review on anything (depending on my mood).

3. Running
I like running, especially on treadmills. My goal this year is to run 10K under 60 minutes. Running also help me stay healthy and keep my body fit. It also help me clear my mind after a busy day at work.

4. Rubik cubes
This is one of my hobbies. I've not written much about rubik cubes in my blog so far. I enjoy solving and collecting it.

Lastly, thanks again for the interest and support.

Thank you.
Reza Faizal


  1. Bruneian said...
    woahh.. hengsem eh kawan ku ani.. :)
    SiRT said...
    Ooo... I have seen you a couple of times already at JPMC hehehe... I will introduce myself the next time I see you... But you always look so serious I might get intimidated by that hehehehe
    Reza Faizal said...
    Hi SirT... no worries... you can introduce yourself to me.... i didn't realise I look serious maybe i'm too focus on my run and I don't really hang around much.. i just run and go home... hehehe

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