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4 days no running and .....

Finally today, I manage to go to the gym and did my treadmill run. Started 8.5km/h for the 1stKM, 8.7km/h for the 2ndKM and 8.9km/h for the 3rdKM. My plan was to increase 0.2km/h for every kilometre. But then, calf muscles a bit tight got to slow down to 8.3km/h.

30 minutes into my run, I paused the treadmill and did a bit of stretching for my calf muscles. Continue back running at 8.3km/h pace. Increase to 9.3km/h at 55 minutes point, and 11.4km/h at 57.5 minutes point.

In summary, it's not the run I was hoping. My stamina was abit down and the leg muscles need to be more relax.

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 8.40 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 700

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture


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