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Running or Massage

Last night me and the missus went for our massage. After work, I was thinking either to go for my run or get a massage. Convince the missus to go for a massage. Sent her to Harizzah while I went to Pearl Health. Both place in Kiulap.

I'm a regular at Pearl Health. I go there at least 3 times a month. Normally I go for 1½ hour Foot Reflexology, Head and Shoulder massage. I have tried Harizzah and Zen Spa before but I still prefer Pearl Health. The foot reflexology or massage do help my legs feel stronger for the following week run. I also think it helps to reduce tight muscles and to prevent injuries with all the running I do every week.

For the 1½ hour session it cost me BND 35.00 and for 1 hour session it cost BND 25.00.

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  1. Murabiyyah said...
    I have yet to try Pearl, do they seperate the men from the women? also how are the massage therapists? At Healing Touch I always experience communication problems (I had an unpleasant experience the other day with a newbie :/ )
    BTW where's Hazirrah and what kind of massages do they offer? Traditional or therepeutic?
    (please excuse the many questions hehe)
    Reza Faizal said...
    I think they separate it. So far there never been any lady getting foot reflexology beside me. You can call them to confirm.

    The massage therapists is mostly Filipino, so no communication problem.

    Harizzah is next to Escapade Kiulap. The therapists is mix, got thai, chinese and filipino ladies. It's traditional massage. The missus says the place is sederhana saja.

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