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2nd Run in March 2007

Today's run was not bad. However couple of times I feel my calf muscles abit tight. Pause a couple of times during the run just to stretch the lower legs.

Speed against time
8.5km/h for 0-15 minutes
8.6km/h for 15-17 minutes
8.7km/h for 17-30 minutes
paused 20 seconds, leg stretching
9.0km/h for 30-40 minutes
paused 20 seconds, leg stretching
*** this is the time I put my towel on the display so no one can peek how many minutes I've run
8.5km/h for 40-56 minutes
9km/h for 56-57 minutes
10.1km/h 57-58 minutes
11.1km/h 58-60 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 8.78 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 728

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture


  1. Murabiyyah said...
    I'm guessing the 'towel trick' worked then! hehe
    Murabiyyah said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Reza Faizal said...
    I got to use the towel just now... getting worried as more & more people coming in....
    Bruneian said...
    hahahha.. atu ya..

    I missed going to the gym today. Was at Jenny's until late afternoon and then had to bring the missus out :)

    I hope I can start going there by next week.. BUT .. I have Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy to cover :(
    Adidarwish said...
    Bruneian... congratulation for making the move to improve your fitness level ....

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