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Meet the Robinsons

Didn't have the mood to do any exercise yesterday. I was thinking of an excuse for me to skip exercise. Told the missus let's watch Mr Bean at Empire Cinema.
Mr Bean's Holiday
However, she wanted to bring the kids to watch Meet the Robinsons instead. Show started 7:20pm. We only brought Syaza and Fa'iz along, 'Aqiel stay back home.
Meet the Robinsons

Less that one minute into the movie, Fa'iz signal us he don't want to watch it and wanted to go out. Furthermore, tears started coming out of his eyes. Hmmm.... I brought him out. He didn't want to go back home instead he just want to hang around. So I just hang around with him at the waiting area for 1½ hours.
The boy who don't want to watch the movie

So what did we do? I just took some photos as you see here. Chat with some friends who were waiting for the Mr Bean 8:30pm show.

I can't say much about the
Meet the Robinsons movie. Don't know what's it all about. Only saw the scene where the lady left the kids on the doorsteps.

That's the shortest movie I watch in any cinema.

Here's some more photos I took last night. Quality not so good as I was using a phone camera.

Empire cinema


  1. Bruneian said...
    kesian you dude...

    it happened to me couple of years back.. our first born was crying his heart out while we were watching the final fantasy..

    My wife had to wait for us .. but it was already like half the movie.
    Reza Faizal said...
    half the movie, separuh rugi... me seminit pun inda sampai kali... haha... inda apalah, I enjoy relaxing there last night, spent time with the boy.
    Bruneian said...
    awu.. spend quality time :)

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