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Interrupted run

Today I faced the same situation as before. 40 minutes into my run a lady came and look behind to see the times the runners use the big treadmills including me. The other two runners only around 5 minutes. She then walk to the counter and probably complain about me.

I was thinking.... "not again".

She then walk to my treadmill, stood in front of it and says to me something. I can't hear anything she say as I was listening to my iPod. I also purposely ignore her. However, I lose my mood to continue. Press the cool down button at 44 minutes point and the distance run was around 6.6KM. Didn't even bother to take the treadmill reading pictures. Burn around 500 calories.

Nike+iPod Chart
After the run, I continue with some weight exercises. Did 4 x 12 repetitions dumbell exercises for the biceps and triceps followed by 4 x 8 repetitions of bench press.

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  1. Bruneian said...
    wahhh... why on earth does she do that? sigh~

    Boring.. boring..

    bah dude.. start swimming.. confirm no body disturb.. hahahah
    Murabiyyah said...
    Hmm, was she the same person as before?
    Reza Faizal said...
    dude... andangnya tu. Banyak orang banyak ragam. Iatah boring ku tarus.

    Murabiyyah... not the same person. Yang dulu local. Yesterday orang luar. I should have use my "towel trick" again.

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