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I need more sleep

I was feeling very tired yesterday due to lack of sleep the previous day. Nonetheless, I went to the gym after work for my run. Half-way through my run, I don't feel like going for an hour so decided to just go for a 5KM run.
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After run, I went to the Jacuzzi area to meet up with AnakBrunei and Bruneian. Had a quick chat with them before I went back home.

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 5 KM
Time : 35.28 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 407

+ 5 minutes cool down period.

Note :
  • The missus join me to the gym and did a 5KM run around 53 minutes (run and walk).

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  1. Bruneian said...
    Bah.. karang lagi dude.. hehe I am feeling to go again karang.. but a little bit early.. around 4 kah

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