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YouTube vs Metacafe


Was having breakfast with this guy today. One of the subject matter we talk about was video services in internet.

I've been using YouTube to host all the video I posted in my blog. He suggested me to have a look at Metacafe. I registered myself to Metacafe this afternoon, unfortunately I haven't been able to successfully upload my own video to test it out. I try it out from office and home still no success.

Anyway, those of you interested to see the collection of videos I've uploaded to my YouTube account, you can click here. I'm also putting "My YouTube" link in the right sidebar under "My zone".


  1. Jackson said...
    you know metacafe has great customer service, especially on their forums. you get answers really fast so if you tell them what the problem was i'm sure they can help you.
    Reza Faizal said...
    thanks for the info jackson... I need to try uploading the video again

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