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3rd Nike+iPod Run

Started out with 1km calibration walk then stop and restart the treadmill. Not much thing to say regarding my run today, I was just trying to take the run easy. The guy beside me was doing 11km in under one hour. Amazing!!!!!

Check out my run summary below :

Speed against time
8.7km/h for 0 - 30 minutes
9.0km/h for 30 - 35 minutes

9.2km/h for 35 - 40 minutes
9.5km/h for 40 - 55 minutes

10km/h for 55 - 60 minutes

*** 9km in 59.42 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 9.10 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 720

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture
Nike+iPod Chart
Comparing treadmill and Nike+iPod readings, the distance measurement is almost the same now. However the calories burn reading shows a big difference. So which one is correct?

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  1. SiRT said...
    The guy who was running next to you was my younger brother. I asked him if it was you who was running next to him. He confirmed.

    The 11 Km run is his normal run. On Friday's he can do up to 13 Km in 60 mins.

    He runs everyday. He is my inspiration. hehehehe. Funny aint it. He's my younger brother hahaha
    Reza Faizal said...
    11km normal run for him! wow.....

    btw... I was wondering what the relationship between you and him... both have same car license number, both car same colour.... kamcing banar jua... rupanya adi beradik. hehehe....
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, you don't need to calibrate your run each time you run la. Or else you waste 1KM la!

    I think if you read the manual, once every once a while would be good enuf.

    Also, I think, the Nike+ipod one might be more accurate in reading, (err.. no no, I am not biased here, read on..).. because it uses an accelerometer, which actually kinda measure the strides you take (everyone's unique). This is why you need to calibrate.

    The treadmill uses a standard math replicator, based on the speed, and inclination, on the rotation of the conveyour.

    One good way to test for accuracy, is to try running at belapan in the middle lane on the 400mtr track. See if you go one round, will you meet that distance. The deviation is actually suprisingly small.
    Reza Faizal said...
    Anonymous.... thanks for the tips. Yes, I should try it on the track, that will be more accurate.

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