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I guess I've been spending too much time in the evening with my notebook. Updating my blog, adjusting the template, looking at others blog, looking at my blog stats, checking other sites and repeating the whole process all over again.

Today I receive an email from someone close to me asking me to read posting that is made by Mr BR. The first post here and the second one here.

It's a hint to me!!!

Best mouse use so far

Logitech V400 with receiver
I have been using this mouse for almost 7 months. I can say this is the best mouse I've use so far. This mouse use dual laser tracking engine which is suppose to be better than the normal optical mouse.

It's not a bluetooth mouse instead Logitech use their own wireless 2.4GHz. I have not encounter any interferences. The range is around 30 feet. It only use a single AA battery and for my usages normally last me for 2 months before I need to replace the battery.

Back of the mouse
The mouse is compatible with Mac and Windows. I bought it in Singapore for BND 85.00. Not sure where can you get it in Brunei.

Find out more information about this mouse here.

Mandarin 101

Last night I went to Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) to attend the Mandarin class briefing. 46 people registered to the class. The class need to split into two groups. First group will learn every Monday and Wednesday (7pm to 9pm). The second group every Tuesday and Thursday (7pm to 9pm). Class will start on the 7th February 2007.

So how serious am I to learn mandarin? Checkout the books, CD and dictionary I already bought to help me learn the language. I hope after completing the classes, I'll be able to speak, write and read Mandarin.

My mandarin books & CD collection

Today is a bonus day for government civil servant in Brunei. If you thinking of buying a new handphone, here is a bit of information that I would like to share.

Sony Ericsson K800i
I bought this new Sony Ericsson K800i last night. Bought it just after I sold the Dopod. I survey QQ Station, Incomm, WYWY and DJ to get the best deal I could get. Here's the price summary :

QQ Station - BND 578.00 (no memory card included)
Incomm - BND 598.00 (64MB memory card included), 5% discount using SCB credit card (BND 568.00)
WYWY - I think it's BND 618.00 or 628.00. I never like the package deal from WYWY. Package includes desktop charger plus probably extra battery (mobility brand).
DJ - BND 598.00 cash, 3% interest using credit card.

By the way, QQeStore selling for BND 548.00 and I'm not sure whether the price include memory card. Finally decided to buy it from Incomm using SCB Credit Card. Immediately went to SCB to pay the credit card using the card machine. Save BND 30.00.

Notes :
  1. Incomm normally sell at a higher price than the rest of the shops, but personally if the price is not much difference I would still prefer to buy from Incomm. I trust the source where they get the phones and secondly I prefer their warranty.
  2. 5% discount using SCB credit card at Incomm (I'm not sure the offer end date). Pay-off the credit card immediately to make sure you benefit the saving.

Dopod 838 Pro : Sold

The Dopod phone sold. Checkout other items for sale.

Thank you.

Redemption run

Yesterday wasn't a good run. I was determine to redeem yesterday run. Here's my run summary :

Speed against distance
8.5km/h for 0-30 minutes
* for the first 30 minutes I didn't increase the speed, making sure my leg muscles is fine
9.0km/h for 30-40 minutes
10.0km/h for 40-60 minutes
* 9km in 59.31 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 9.14 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 741

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

Dopod 838 Pro
I'm selling my Dopod 838 Pro. Anyone interested email me at rezafaizal@gmail.com. Click here to read my previous post on this phone.

I also check
QQeStore website, they selling for BND1,358.00. I'm selling mine for BND1,100.00 with 1GB micro SD card included.

Getting Started CD, Application CD, Ear piece, Extra stylus and USB cable
Also I haven't open up the accessories included in the box except for the charger and the leather case. Bought it on the 16th December 2006, there another 10½ month left warranty (got receipt).

Why I'm selling?

It's a little bit too bulky for me as I also carry another phone. This phone I use it for my B.Mobile number. I'm planning to get a smaller 3G phone most likely one of the Sony Ericsson phone.

Not a good run

I didn't have a good run today. For the first 10 minutes everything feel fine. Past 10 minutes, my right calf muscles felt a bit tight. At the 20 minutes point, paused for half a minute, do leg stretches and continue running at 8.5km/h. Reach 5km, I felt no mood to continue running. Walk for 5 minutes than press "cool down" button.

Well I guess someone had a good run today! Saw him reach 8km plus.

Hopefully tomorrow I can redeem myself.

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 5.0 KM
Time : 34.50 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 414

5 minutes walk at 5.0km/h + 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

Note : One of the big treadmill not working today.

Antonov AN-124
I was wondering why there's a Russian plane here yesterday until I read the Borneo Bulletin today. Apparently it was delivering three S92A helicopters for Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP).

More info on Antonov AN-124 here and S92A helicopters here. Also don't forget to checkout the video below.

Look... it's a plane

Plane ahead
My ambition was to be a pilot. I think it's too late now. Everytime I'm in the plane, I like the feeling when the plane is taking off.

Checkout this video!!! This plane is about to land and it pass just below me.

Introducing the kids

Fa'iz, 'Aqiel and Syaza
Fa'iz, the boy who love "Animal Planet" Astro Channel 51. Once in a while got to bring him to visit the horses at Jerudong Park. One of these day got to bring him to visit Singapore zoo.

'Aqiel, the most hyperactive. He wants everything, run everywhere, keep on bumping into furniture.

Syaza... the painter and artist. Love "Cartoon Network" Astro Channel 63. Favourite shops.... any Hua Ho, especially the big ones. Love to buy stuffs just like the

"Body tired" run

Feeling very tired today. Two days of not enough sleep also very busy with office work.

On the way back, I was thinking whether to rest or go to gym. Call up home and since my missus like to go to the gym today, I decided ok, just go to gym.

While waiting for the treadmill to be free, got a chance for a quick chat with SirT (doing his cycling exercise).

Here's my run summary :

Speed against time
8.7km/h for 0-10 minutes
9.3km/h for 10-20 minutes
9.8km/h for 20-25 minutes
10.3km/h for 25-31.36 minutes (one minute of 13km/h in between)
* 5km in 31.36 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 5.0 KM
Time : 31.36 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 414

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

p/s : Hope I could sleep earlier today.

Lambai lai....

I love this video. Checkout the shutter bugs capturing the photos of the kids in Kampong Ayer.

"Lambai" means wave. "lai" normally refers to kids.

Horse run

Jerudong Park Horses
[Photo taken this afternoon after my run]
Okay. I didn't actually run like a horse nor did I run with a horse today :-) but then I did run well today.

Ran 9KM in 57.14 minutes, completed my 60 minutes run at a distance of 9.6KM plus 5 minutes cool down. Total distance covered today exactly 10KM. At the end of my treadmill run, the runner beside me called my name "rezafaizal", he introduce himself to me as SirT. Finally, I got a chance to meet him.

Here's my run summary :

Speed against time
8.7km/h for 0-10 minutes
9.1km/h for 10-20 minutes
9.3km/h for 20-30 minutes
9.7km/h for 30-40 minutes
10.3km/h for 40-50 minutes
9.3km/h for 50-55 minutes
11.3km/h for 55-58.30 minutes
* 9km in 57.14 minutes
14.0km/h for 58.30-60 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 9.60 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 770

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture (10KM)

Kampong Ayer girls
How did you spent your Saturday morning public holiday?

We saw this three girls sitting infront the house ladder, put their feet in the river, relax and cool down.

Myself, I've decided to join the shutter bugs on a Kampong Ayer outing. First stop was Jing Chew for a breakfast, I reach there first followed by Bruneian, Ber (found out I knew him already, what a small world), UcingItam, KantaLensa & son, AnakBrunei with two ladies.

After breakfast we head off to bandar. Everyone gather at the tambing (place we get the boat). Overthere I got to meet and introduce myself to Zadm and Shai.
Waiting for the boat
Got a boat with a roof top (good idea!) and so the tour begin. We have our very own tour guide aka Bruneian to tell us lots of information and the names of the Kampong. Well, I forgotten most of the names already, next time I got to bring a notepad. We first go towards the Kota Batu direction.
Boat with roof top
Half-way through the tour, we got a chance to go out the boat to buy some drinks at the "Kedai Runcit" at Kampong Bolkiah 'B' and do our own little business. After that we head off towards the SOAS Mosque and Kiulap direction before we end our journey.

[Insert photo of the Kedai Runcit here]
Shutter bugs, anyone please send me one photo please!

On the way back the boat run out of fuel but no worries, he got reserve fuel tank.

The outing was fun, enjoyable and very informative. I got to meet up with fellow bloggers/shutter bugs whom I met for the first time. Hope I can join them again sometime soon!

The tour guide

Notes :

Other items to bring on this type of outing apart from the camera and accessories :

  1. Small towel
  2. Bottle of water
  3. Pen and small notepad
  4. One plastic bag
  5. Some cash

I got a wedding dinner invitation to attend this evening. I think this will be the first chinese wedding dinner I've attended in Centrepoint. It will be interesting to see. Also plan to take some pictures tonight.

Hmmm....... now, where's the Ang Pow!

I’ve added this “page element” 3 days back. I’ve seen “recent comments” section at Bruneian and AnakBrunei blog but not quite sure whether it is useful.

Bruneian told me it's good to put it in. So I decided to give it a try. This few days I realize the power of these “recent comments” sections. It really help me see quickly whether someone have post a comment on my new and old posts, allowing me to reply back to the comments quickly.

Here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1. Login to blogger and click "Template".
Step 2. Click "Page Elements" tab and click on "Add a Page Element"
Step 3. Choose "HTML/Javascripts"
Step 4. Type in the title e.g “Recent comments”, type in the code below to the content section then save.Step 5. Click “Template” and click “Edit HTML”.
Step 6. In the HTML code, search for "/head". Then use the code below after it. See example below :
Step 7. Click “SAVE TEMPLATE”.

That is it, refresh your blog and you will see the “Recent comments” section in your side bar. Re-position it wherever you like.

Btw… “var numcomments = 10” mean display 10 most recent comments, you can change it to display how many you like. “var numchars =70” mean display the first 70 characters of the comments. You can also change this figure.

Thanks Bruneian for the tip!

Sleepy run

On the way to the gym, I was feeling a little bit sleepy. Slept around 1:30am last night and woke up 5:45am this morning.

In the car I was already thinking whether I could run 60 minutes today. When I started the run, I can already felt that my body is actually tired but I still want to run. Check out the summary below.

Speed against time
8.5km/h for 0-10 minutes
8.8km/h for 10-20 minutes
9.1km/h for 20-30 minutes
9.4km/h for 30-45 minutes
* slow down to 5.0km/h, felt very exhausted and walk for 3 minutes then continued my run.
8.3km/h for 48-52 minutes
9.3km/h for 52-54 minutes
10.3km/h for 54-57.30 minutes
* slow down to 4.0km/h. That’s it… I’m too exhausted. Walk till the 60 minutes is up plus 5 minutes cool down.

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 8.80 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 702

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

Note :
The gym still open this Saturday (20th January 2007). Operating hours from 8am to 6pm.

Here's another video I captured last night.

The singing waitress
I had an overseas guest today and I decided to bring him out for dinner tonight. While on the way to fetch him, I was thinking “where to go?”. I felt like wanting to be entertained, perhaps seeing someone singing tonight to relax my mind. Can only think of 2 places i.e. Nyonya Delima Satu and the Empire Hotel. Decided to go to Nyonya instead as I know that the entertainment there is more fun. I also invited Bruneian to join me for the dinner.

About Nyonya Restaurant

As far as I know they have 2 branches, Gadong and Delima Satu. The one at Gadong don’t have singing entertainment, only the Delima Satu branch has it. The performance starts around 8:30pm on 1st floor. Monday and Thursday is an off day for their singers. The singers are actually the waiters and waitress. Delima Satu branch also offer Dim Sum for breakfast and lunch. Gadong branch don’t offer Dim Sum (I think so). Foods there are not that cheap but affordable. It’s a good place to bring guests or having special occasions dinner.

The performers
I would recommend anyone to try out having dinner there at least once. Remember not to choose Monday or Thursday night if you want to see the singing performance. 10% discount on HSBC credit card.

The address

No. 26 & 27, Ground & 1st Floor
Block D, Kg. Delima Satu
Mukim Berakas BB4713 B.S.B, Brunei Darussalam
Tel : 2340038
Fax : 2340039

Check out this video

Over 1000 visits

My blog counter is showing over 1000 visitors today.

For this, I would like to thanks all readers and visitors to this blog, in a way keeping me motivated to update my blog everyday. A special thanks to all my referrals, AnakBrunei, Adidarwish, Aunidayini, Bandar360, Bruneian, Danura, KantaLensa, Ucingitam, Mr. BR, SirT and ZadM

I started blogging 15th December 2006 after a breakfast at "Jing Chew" with AnakBrunei and Bruneian. I've been visiting their blog for about a month before I actually started mine.

During the creation of these blog, I was thinking "What to do?" with my blog. Hence, the name stuck with my blog title.

Finally decided to blog on 4 categories :

1. Selling stuffs
Occassionally I will sell some of my things from this blog. So please keep visiting this site, some of the items on sale here might interest you.

2. Reviews
I'll do some review on anything (depending on my mood).

3. Running
I like running, especially on treadmills. My goal this year is to run 10K under 60 minutes. Running also help me stay healthy and keep my body fit. It also help me clear my mind after a busy day at work.

4. Rubik cubes
This is one of my hobbies. I've not written much about rubik cubes in my blog so far. I enjoy solving and collecting it.

Lastly, thanks again for the interest and support.

Thank you.
Reza Faizal

"Siok eh"

I feel "siok" (excited) today with my run. Ran 9KM in 58 min 48 sec, continue running till the 60 minutes is up. Check out my run summary below.

Speed against time
8.5km/h for 0-15 minutes
8.8km/h for 15-30 minutes
9.3km/h for 30-40 minutes
9.7km/h for 40-50 minutes
10.3km/h for 50-60 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 9.20 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 739

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

p/s : Updating this post from Coffee Bean, Gadong.

Finally today, I manage to go to the gym and did my treadmill run. Started 8.5km/h for the 1stKM, 8.7km/h for the 2ndKM and 8.9km/h for the 3rdKM. My plan was to increase 0.2km/h for every kilometre. But then, calf muscles a bit tight got to slow down to 8.3km/h.

30 minutes into my run, I paused the treadmill and did a bit of stretching for my calf muscles. Continue back running at 8.3km/h pace. Increase to 9.3km/h at 55 minutes point, and 11.4km/h at 57.5 minutes point.

In summary, it's not the run I was hoping. My stamina was abit down and the leg muscles need to be more relax.

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 8.40 KM
Time : 60 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 700

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

Picked up my mother-in-law and brother-in-law who just arrived after performing their Haj pilgrim. Flight landed 7:15pm, 10 minutes earlier than schedule.
Brother-in-law praying
Took this photo this morning
Click here to read more on the Brunei Haj.

I didn't go to the gym for 3 days already. I miss my treadmill run. Hmmmm.... tomorrow another busy schedules, hope I can squeeze in my run in the afternoon.

I went to Sin Hup Huat to change my car tyres today. While waiting, I read the "Buyer's Guide" magazine Dec 06/Jan 07 issue at the customer waiting area. Page 18 caught my attention, so I just want to share what I read today.

1. Tomato Sauce
Men who eat a lot of tomatoes, tomato sauce, or pizza smothered with stuff may be giving themselves a hedget against prostate cancer. A carotenoid called lycopene, which tomato contain in abundance, appeared to be responsible. But scientists were still puzzled: tomato juice didn't seem to have a protective effect.

2. Oysters
Just two or three oysters deliver a full day's supply of zinc, a mineral critical for normal functioning of the male reproductive system.

3. Broccoli
A recent Harvard study finds that cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, may protect against bladder cancer.

4. Peanut Butter
If you want a healthy heart, spread your morning toast with peanut butter. "Peanut butter is a little higher in fat", says Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., the lead author of the Penn State study. "But it's the type that's good for you - monounsaturated fat." Researchers have predicted that the peanut diet could reduce heart-disease risk even more than could the AHA diet. Just don't go nutty plastering on the tasty spread, since it is high in calories.

5. Watermelon
Until the age of 55, more men suffer from high blood pressure than do women. Research suggests that foods rich in potassium can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Watermelon, a rich source of this mineral, has more potassium - 664mg - in one large slice than the amount found in a banana or a cup of orange juice.

There you have it : five great foods for men that can keep you well-fed and healthy too.

Apple iPhone

Picture taken from Apple website
I was chatting online with a friend last night and he mention that Macworld 2007 around 1am Brunei time last night or 9am US time. The rumours was Steve Jobs going to announce their new product which is a mobile phone from Apple.

This morning, first thing I check was the Apple website. Yes, they launch their new product called iPhone.

iPhone combines three products
  • a revolutionary mobile phone
  • a widescreen iPod with touch controls
  • and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching
The operating system is OS X!

I also check with AV Electronics boss and he is saying that it will probably be available here by mid this year.

I like to be able to run 10KM in less than 60 minutes by this year however this are the things I need to acheive first :

1. Increase my base pace
A base pace should be run at a comfortable, conversational pace, or about 60 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate. Currently my base pace is around 8.5 to 8.7 KM/H. I can comfortable run for over than 30 minutes without feeling very tired with this pace. Ultimately I'm looking at 10KM/H base pace.

2. Run 5KM in less than 30 minutes

i. Either I run at 30 minutes at a pace of at least 10KM/H or ii. Run around 9.3-9.5 KM/H base pace for 20 minutes and increase my speed to 10.5KM/h and above for the last 10 minutes.

In life you need to have goals. This is just one of my goals in life. My running goals!

Notes :
I ran 5KM at JPMC treadmill today at 1.0 inclination for 33 minutes followed by a 10 minutes walk.



High-fidelity digital audio recorder for iPod video 30GB/60GB.

Perfect for capturing ideas, meetings or music.
  • Full iPod integration and on-screen display
  • Built-in speaker for instant playback
  • One-touch recording in stereo or mono
  • Accepts other microphones and line-in cables
  • Records 16-bit audio at 22 kHz and 44 kHz
  • No batteries needed
For more information/reviews regarding this product, please click here. You can also test it out first with your own iPod video.
Selling price : BND 70.00

Interested? Email me at rezafaizal@gmail.com

I've been thinking of getting a second hand car for about 3/4 months now. The car that I'm currently driving is a Nissan Skyline 2.0 GTS. Its 9 years and 1 month old. It's actually a good car however I'm thinking of selling it.

I want a convertible 2 door car such as the Peugeot 206cc, Mercedes 200/230 SLK, BMW Z3 2.8cc or any other 2 door type of car that you can think of. My budget is around 40K (preferably much less).

Yesterday, when I went to the Audi showroom, I saw a second hand Peugeot 206cc (as shown in the above picture) car for sale. It's exactly 3 years of age and selling for BND25K. Mileage is around 70K. The only thing that I didn't like is the color of the car which is metallic blue. It's good that the weather was not hot yesterday because I also got a chance to test drive it with the top open.

This morning I got another chance to test drive another similar car. It's silver in color, 3 years 1 month old. The mileage is around 59K which is much lower than the previous car. Much better maintained and the owner is a lady driver. She’s selling the car for BND5K, with a continual monthly payment of BND388 for another 47 months.

BTW... The selling price for a New Peugeot 2006cc is BND47K.

Should I buy the car?

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Language Centre will be conducting foreign language courses beginning Tuesday 30th January 2007.


I did attend the Mandarin course 2 years back, unfortunately, I didn't manage to complete it since I was sent for a 3 weeks training at KL, Malaysia. I only manage to attend 5 times.

The course I attended was fun and interesting. The students were mainly local Malay and some Chinese (not all Chinese speaks Mandarin). There was a girl from Myammar, a girl from Thailand and a guy from Malaysia. The age group range from early 20s to 40s+. The previous instructor was from China and speaks fluent English.

Each class session last for 2 hours and are held twice a week either Monday & Wednesday (or) Tuesday & Thursday. In total it's 20 hours of instruction and assessment (5 weeks). I highly recommend anyone interested to learn foreign language to register themselves in.

For more information, click on this link.

Registration form can be downloaded from the link above, closing date for registration is Saturday, 27th January 2007.

Notes :
The Borneo Bulletin advert dated 6th January 2007 shows the class started on the 22nd January 2007 and closing date of registration on the 20th January 2007. I guess this is wrong. I'll confirm it later.

This morning I went to Jing Chew for breakfast with AnakBrunei and Bruneian. Check out what I ate there.

Fried Kway Teow w/ Big Prawn
I borrowed Bruneian camera to take this shot!

Sorry, I can't give you the recipe. Please visit Aunidayini site for food recipes.

After breakfast both of them decided to go to the wet market (Gadong) to do some photoshoot. I'm waiting to see the photos they took there.

I've been trying to figure out a simple way to put a graphic/image file for my blog header. I was having breakfast with AnakBrunei and Bruneian this morning and I got this tips from AnakBrunei on how to do it.

Step 1. Login to blogger and click "Template".
Step 2. Click "Page Elements" tab.
Step 3. Click "Edit" on your "(Header)" element.
Step 4. Type in your "Blog Title" and in the "Blog Description" form type in the image source for you graphic/image file. For eg :
<img src="http://lh3.google.com/image/rezafaizal/RaBX_IR2DSI/AAAAAAAAAAg/
  1. For my blog I've decided to save the file using Picasa Web Album. It took me less than a minute to register and sign-up. Uploading picture/graphic/image file is very easy. From there I find out the image source of the file I like to use for my blog header.
  2. Make sure the pictures you want to upload is of the same width as the Header width. You got to look at the html code at "Template" -> "Edit HTML" and find "#header {" section.
Step 5. Now you need to do some adjustment. Also at the html code find "#header .description {" and make sure the values for "margin", "padding" and "line-height" set to "0". See below :

#header .description {
display: block;
margin: 0 0;
padding: 0 0 0;
line-height: 0;
font-size: 50%;

Step 6. Final touch-up. To hide the "Blog Title", just go to "Fonts and Title" and choose the color which match your "Page Background Color". You might need to change your "Page Header Background Color" to the same color.

Thank you AnakBrunei

5KM Run

I've been running 60 minutes run for quite a while now. Today I decided to do a 5KM run and do some abs exercise after the run.

Location : JPMC Gym
Distance : 5.0 KM
Time : 32.35 minutes
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 407

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

Good Run

Yesterday massage really works as today I had a good run. I started slow as I'm not sure whether my thigh is fine or not. After 3KM, my legs still feel fine. None of my muscles were tight. I feel I can do 9KM in one hour. Therefore, I go for it.

Here's the summary of my speed against distance :

1st KM -> 8.3km/h
2nd KM -> 8.5km/h
3rd KM -> 8.7 km/h

4th KM -> 9.3km/h
5th KM -> 10.3km/h
6 & 7th KM -> 9.3km/h
8th KM -> 10.5km/h

9KM in 59.19 minutes

Location : JPMC Gym
Run Time : 60 minutes
ance : 9.14KM
n : 1.0
Calories burn : 760

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

BTW... fellow blogger and runner adidarwish also had a good run today.

Fixing my neck

I wrote about my stiff neck problem (computer neck pain) two days back. Although I did went to a massage place two days back, I felt that my neck in not completely 100% fix. So today I went to another place (Pearl Health Care) just after work.

I chose the foot reflexology with the shoulder & neck massage session which cost me B$25 per hour. The foot reflexology lasted for 25 minutes, the shoulder and neck massage was so good and since my neck felt very stiff I requested to extend it for another 30 minutes (B$10 extra) after the one hour session finish. The session was wonderful and now I feel my neck is 100% fix.

Honestly, if you looking for a good foot reflexology with shoulder & neck massage together, this is the place to come. For their other types of full body massage I personally think their price is abit on the high side.

Here's the details of the place.

B3, Ground Floor, Seri Purnama Complex
Kg. Kiulap BSB BE1518, Brunei Darussalam
Tel : (673) 2236668
Business Hours : Mon -Sun : 10am - 10pm

First Run in 2007

Back to work from the long weekend. Got lots of work to do today and only left the office around 7pm. Straight away I zoom to JPMC for my treadmill run.

Reach there around 7:25pm. Did some warm-up and stretching while waiting for the others to finish their run on my favourite treadmill (LifeFitness 97Ti).

While doing my stretch, my friend Jack came. I offered him to run with me for an hour. He accepted the offer and luckily for us both the big treadmills were available. BTW... he is actually a better runner than me.

He started slow but gradually increase his speed. First I saw him walk a couple of minutes, then speed goes to 8.5 -> 9.0 -> 10.0 -> 11.0 -> 13.0KM/H. He actually completed 10KM in less than an hour.

As for me, I started 8.3 for the first kilometer, increase to 8.5 then 30 minutes into my run my thigh gave up again so I slowed down to 8.0. Nonetheless, I still complete my 60 minutes run. Check out my post on "Struggling Run".


Run time : 60 minutes
Distance : 8.14KM
Inclination : 1.0
Calories burn : 678

+ 5 minutes cool down period, see picture

I just notice Danurasana tips on stretches for the thighs. I'll try it out tomorrow.

Thank you Danura.

"Computer Neck" pain is a very common condition among computer users. The result of long hours seated in an unchanged position, often with a poor posture or curved upper spine, is tight and painful neck muscles, neck stiffness, and commonly, associated headache.

Well, I think I'm suffering one right now. This long holiday, I’ve been spending too much time in front of my notebook. Then yesterday late afternoon I felt an eyestrain and stiffness at the back of my neck. I stop working , lie down and relax. Night time I felt slightly fine and I went back on my notebook and create a post for my blog.

This morning after spending an hour working in front my notebook I felt it again. I can't stand it any longer and straight away I went to one of the massage shop in Kiulap. I requested them to give me a shoulder, neck and head massage. Oh.... it felt really good. Afternoon, I cancel my plan to run. Instead, I did my own version of stretches at home.

I should also try out Danurasana hints on releasing stiffness and aches in the neck and shoulders.